• What is Strongsville?

Strongsville is a story that has been brewing in my head for half a decade now. It all started with an image in my head of an elderly man, mowing his yard, wearing a superhero outfit. This was the genesis for the story of Strongsville.

The story follows Kevin – a young, shy, outcast of a kid as he reluctantly moves with his mom to Strongsville after the death of his father. His impression of Strongsville as a sleepy beach town is shattered, however, after becoming suspicious that his elderly neighbor is actually a superhero from his comic books.

The series is being written by me, drawn by Rebekah Isaacs, colored by Michael Bills, and lettered by Randy Gentile. We are currently pulling together a proposal for the series to shop around to publishers.

It is with great pleasure that I present the cover for Strongsville #1, featuring the very image that kicked off the entire project:


A special thanks to Rebekah, Michael, and Randy for making my dream a reality.


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