• BKV’s Advice on Writing Comics and Breaking In

I recently ran across Brian K. Vaughan’s blog on his myspace page and found this fantastic nugget. This is probably the best, most concise advice I’ve ever read about writing comics. A few quotes:

“All that matters is quality.”


“Every writer has 10,000 pages of shit in them, and the only way your writing is going to be any good at all is to work hard and hit 10,001.”

“Writing is like starting with six hours’ worth of hangover to enjoy a few minutes of feeling drunk.”

“Writer’s block is just another word for video games.”

“‘Go get published, because nothing will make you become a better writer faster than knowing that complete strangers are reading your horrible, horrible writing.’ – Neil Gaiman”

“No two people ever break into our medium in the same way. New WOLVERINE scribe Daniel Way got the attention of Dark Horse Comics editor Diana Schutz when he gave her a copy of a comic that he self-published with the help of a Xeric Grant (if you don’t know what that is, get Googling). BIRDS OF PREY writer Gail Simone wowed major companies with the hilarious online humor column she did at Comic Book Resources. And ULTIMATE HULK VS. WOLVERINE writer Damon Lindeloff hooked up with Marvel after he co-created LOST, one of the hottest television shows of the last ten years. Three drastically different paths to breaking into “the majors,” but all three writers have one thing in common: they were working their asses off while other wannabe creators were sitting at home, waiting for the phone to ring.”

“Stop making excuses and start making art.”

Read the rest of “BKV’s Advice on Writing Comics and Breaking In” here.

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  1. Johnny C. said:

    Awesome quotes!

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