• The Coolest Jobs on the Planet.

The Spring 08 Issue of Nylon Guys has a great article:

Comic Relief: Comics aren’t just made by a bunch of nerds. Here, meet five artists with some of the coolest jobs on the planet.

They interview 5 artists including Alexander Maleev (Daredevil), Paul Pope (Batman:Year 100), Cliff Chiang (Green Arrow / Black Canary), Gabriel Ba (Umbrella Academy), & Ronald Wimberly (Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm). It’s a wide range of artists from all different genres. The article has a photo of each artist as well as a sample of their work. It’s a beautiful thing to see such varied, yet impressive artwork on display right next to each other.

This article, along with those we’ve already seen in other magazines from EW to GQ, verify what many of us already know: comics are cool.

It also helps show off the diversity of comics’ creators & readers: Maleev is Bulgarian, Pope is Caucasian-American, Chiang is Asian-American, Ba is Brazilian, & Wimberly is African-American.

Some highlights:

“In the old days, it was embarrasing to tell people you were a cartoonist because they would automatically assume you were a weirdo or a bum without a job. Now it can get you into nightclubs.” – Paul Pope

“I had a Batman T-shirt, Spiderman pajamas with the slipper feet, I played the hell out of every Marvel Comics-themed arcade game and I rushed home after school every day to watch the Batman series. The iconography hit me like Campbell’s soup cans must’ve hit a young Andy Warhol.”Ronald Wimberly

“It’s like being in a giant nerdy candy store”Cliff Chiang (on comic conventions)

Seen any other great articles about comics? COMMENT BELOW.


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