• Comic Foundry: The Best Comic Book Magazine EVER?

I’ve only read one issue, yet I think it’s fair to say it’s true. And apparently a lot of people agree: • Comic Foundry #2 – Comics Worth Reading,Variety.com – Bags and Boards: ‘Comic Foundry is the new must-read comics mag,’Funnybook Babylon – Comic Foundry Spring 2008 Review,Living Between Wednesdays: Comic Foundry Rules,Go Read Comic Foundry… Now. – Graphic Fiction,Fresh Ink Online,Variant Edition – 7

It’s basically a comics lifestyle magazine which covers mainstream comics, manga, & indie comics equally. It has a section of fashion for guys and girls. It’s got a number of female writers & interviews. It shows that comic readers & creators are the hip normal people that they are.

My first thought was “why didn’t I think of that?” quickly followed by “I’d never be able to pull it off this well as Tim Leong has.”

The Spring 2008 issues is now on stands. This is only the 2nd issue to be printed. I had read about the first, but my store was sold out when I went to get it. I suppose that selling out was a good thing for the magazine as they not only made it to a 2nd issue, but are now printing in full-color (the first issue was apparently black & white).

It has Matt Fraction on the cover. If you know who Matt Fraction is, you should buy this magazine. If you don’t, you should learn who Matt Fraction is and then buy this magazine.

As happy as I am about the magazine, there are some issues that I think they could work on:

1. As it grows, I’m sure the magazine will get thicker. For a $5.98 cover price, you get 64 pages chocked-full of material. But it’d be nice to see a few more pages for that price. And there is only about 4 articles that run over 1-page in length. I’d like to see more in-depth interviews.

2. The cover photo of Matt Fraction looks like he just woke up in the clothes he slept in, splashed some water on his hair and posed for the photo. No make up, no wardrobe, no touch-ups. I’m not saying it needs to look like the cover of Vanity Fair, but it’d be nice to see them have a little more fun with the cover photo.

3. The tagline – It reads “The #1 Men’s & Women’s Pop Culture Magazine”. I had no idea what this was supposed to mean other than the fact that they were making an effort to recognize the growing female comics readership. However, apparently the tagline is in response to Wizard magazine posting a tagline which reads “The #1 Men’s Pop Culture Magazine.” Which, in turn, completely ignores the female readership. So, while I appreciate the effort, it doesn’t really make sense without knowing the context… which I didn’t.

4. There are a couple of things that, for my taste at least, come off a little dorky: A) Toys – there’s only one small blurb on toys, but it just conjures up images of the “comic book guy” that the rest of the magazine works so hard to avoid. B)Live Action Role Playing – in a magazine like Nylon or Details, this article would play with a bit of irony, but here, because of the strong association with “playing dress-up” at comic conventions and such, it comes off just lame.

5. There are some blaring typos in the cover article. Not really an excuse for that.

So, please go out and grab a copy. I’d love to see this magazine grow larger and have a shelf-life at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other major chains. It could do a lot to help change the face of comics.

You can find the issue at your local comic book store. (If they don’t have it they can order it – Diamond # JAN084021)

Or subscribe online at comicfoundry.com.

  1. valoharth said:

    I finally got mine in the mail, the first issue was great and the second issue did over do the interviews a bit. I agree with a lot of what you said though. I would have to say the interview with Matt Fraction in the second issue is quite possibly the best interview I’ve ever read.

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