• Free Music (for fans of the Postal Service)

One of my best friends, and ex-band mate, Trevor Dowdy has just released an album called “Mood Music” (FREE for a limited time) on his myspace page. He has a new album coming out in June, and between now and the release, he’s going to release all of his old stuff for free download.

His band is called I Married My Highschool Sweetheart and it’s some of the best music I’ve ever heard in my life. If you like traditional songwriting with catchy melodies, but music that pushes the electronic envelope, then give it a shot… it’s FREE!

“Mood Music” is a great album for fans of the Postal Service, Joy Electirc, the Notwist, the Format, or even Daft Punk.

You can download I Married My Highschool Sweetheart’s “Mood Music” for free here: myspace.com/imarriedmyhighschoolsweetheart

Hope you enjoy!

  1. kwoktalk said:

    oooh thanks for the link! i had the chance to meet Ronnie from Joy Electric years ago. super awesome guy!

  2. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, I’ve seen Joy Electric play probably about half a dozen times. I’ve been a fan for years… even got Ronnie’s older stuff, Rainbow Rider & Dancehouse Children. I wanna track down the album he did recently with his brother Jason from Starflyer called the Brothers Martin.

    I think you’ll really dig IMMHSSH… awesome stuff.

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