• Where It All Began

Some other blog folk have done this, so why not me

1. What was the first comic you remember reading?

My cousin & childhood friend, Ashford, had a copy of Spider-Man #1 that was my introduction to comics.  I remember flipping through it and how cool it seemed.  I was in 6th grade at the time and because of some recent rough times, I needed some escapism.  And I remember going to the comic book store for the first time shortly after to begin my own jouney into comics and I ran across New Warriors #1.  I was drawn to the young cast, to the team aspect of the book (more characters!) and to the fact that it was a first issue that I could jump onto easily.  It actually didn’t have a bad team on the book at the time: Mark Bagley on art with Fabian Nicieza on words.  I ate it up.  I stuck with the book until about issue 2… they had moved onto a new artist by then and I just wasn’t into it. Shortly after I fell in love with the Image books, and shortly after that, I dropped out of comics all together.

2. What was the first comic that made you realize that you might be in this for the long haul?

I guess I’d have to go with the book that got me back into comics.  After a 10 year break (I tried to keep up a little over the years picking up books here and there) I had heard good things about a book called Runaways.  It had all the same things in it that first interested me in comics to begin with… young characters, team aspect, first collected edition.  And it was in a cool format – full-color “digest-size”.  I liked the feel of it in my hands.

Of course all of this wouldn’t mean anything if the book didn’t introduce me to my favorite comic book writer, Brian K. Vaughan.  The story read like a fast-paced movie with real teenage emotions and clear themes.  It was fantastic.  I was hooked for good.  Not only did I start reading comics again, I knew at that moment that I had to write them.

3. If you had to make a snap decision to take one comic or one comic run to a desert island, what would it be? Don’t think too hard!

Scott Pilgrim.  It’s fun, it cracks me up, it inspires me, and it feels like hanging out with old friends.  Also, if I get bored, I can bring some crayons and color in the pages.  How’s that for not thinking hard?

  1. kwoktalk said:

    I was a huge NW fan when it first started out. Night Thrasher was the coolest thing to me and Marvel Boy’s abusive father and ultimate death was a huge thing to see as a kid.

    Have you seen the HC Runaway editions? I ended up selling off my pocket sized ones to get those.

  2. Oh, that’s right… I forgot about the Marvel Boy thing… that was a really intense story. There was a lot of great moments in those books. I wish I could track them all down.

    And as cool as Night Thrasher’s skateboard was, I do remember thinking, even at the time how lame it was that he was riding it on gravel. They seemed to have dropped the skateboard thing pretty quickly. In a lot of ways he was kind of like a black Batman though… ah… nostalgia.

    And yeah, I picked up the Runaways HC vol.1 edition and it was awesome. I prefer the digest sized books for reading, but the hardcover had some of the best “special features” I’ve seen in a book – I learned a lot about story-telling & pitching from Vaughan’s inclusion of his Runaways proposal.

  3. When I first saw the second question my first thought was to Runaways but as I thought about it more I came up with what I did. I still count Runaways as a milestone in my comic book readership because it was the first book to official introduce me to BKV which lead me getting back into Y and Ex Machina.

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