• June Comic Foundry Cover. Yay!

Comic Foundry is my new favorite magazine.  I did a review recently where I gushed and drooled (the comics community really needs to rally around this magazine and get this thing on newsstands already.  The day I see Comic Foundry at my local grocery store, I’ll be a very happy boy/man)… and one of my few complaints was lack of a striking cover.  Well, while it’s not quite “there” just yet (I love that it presents a comics “celebrity” as cool and hip, but why not go farther with the “theme” and have her actually taking off the mask?  Too typical?  Maybe.  I’ll stop complaining, I DO like it.),I feel like the June cover is a certain improvement (note – not the final cover, but it is the final cover shot):

  1. I know people found the Fraction cover a bit boring, but I’m more a fan of covers featuring creators than famous person likes comics just like us.

    I imagine people care about Blair Butler, but until she draws, edits or writes a funnybook, I could care less.

    Is it because we need a pretty face on the cover? What about JG Jones or John Cassady? John’s pretty like a pony.

  2. Oh, absolutely, I’m not a fan of “famous people who like comics” on the cover either. But Blair Butler is very tied into comics. She’s done a lot to promote comics and is a comics journalist. I think there’s a purpose to that… as opposed to say… Kristen Bell who one time read a comic.

    I just didn’t like the Fraction cover because it looked cheap. Not because it was Fraction. He’s exactly the kind of person that should be on the cover.

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