• 2 Web Comics That Are Worth My Time (and hopefully yours).

I don’t know why I’ve never gotten into web comics. They only take seconds to read and, if done well, they are worth the time… and it’s quick, it’s not like I’m reading a whole book on screen.

I think my problem is that I just don’t feel like that many web comics are done well enough to even make my seconds worth it. Even if they are, wading through the infinite web comics out there to find ones that are truly awesome is a task. So… I guess I do know why I’ve never gotten into them.

However, occasionally I happen upon one on accident and it sucks me in. So, if you’re looking for a great web comic to read, here are two of my favorites that I’d recommend:

The Fart Party by Julia Wertz (fartparty.org)

Fart Party is not only my favorite web comics, it’s one of my favorite things ever. Julia has an insanely refreshing, incredibly honest, and ridiculously funny voice.

Fart Party follows the life of Julia as she deals with relationships and life, occasionally delving into her family and childhood. It’s been collected in a book, out from Atomic books, and it’s a beautiful collection which spends most of it’s time on the relationship with Julia and her boyfriend Oliver. It’s sweet & bitter, funny & sad, beautiful & disgusting… occasionally all in the same panel.

Also of note… Fart Party is the ONLY comic that I’ve been able to get my best friend / ex-girlfriend to read. I gave her the first collection of Fart Party comics and she flipped over it. (I think due to the fact that she has an unusual amount of things in common with the author). And we’ve found ourselves quoting the book frequently.

And while you’re at it, check out Julia’s always funny blog, which is basically just the prose version of her comics.

My Doomed Affair by Jacob Hunt (mydoomedaffair.com)

My friend Jacob just told me that he writes and draws comics. I was surprised to learn he was even into comics. Even more surprising is that his comic, My Doomed Affair, is really good.

My Doomed Affair is a relationship comic based mostly on the real life relationship of Jacob and one of my good friends. What I love about the My Doomed Affair is that there are comics where you wonder what the two of them see in each other as they are either overbearing or completely clueless, but I find myself relating to the mistakes one makes in “young love” relationships. And about every tenth comic or so, something really sweet happens and you end up pulling for them again.

This to me is what makes both Fart Party and My Doomed Affair stand out from the pack They aren’t just jokes, they are emotional journeys… and ones that are sometimes painful to go on, but just like in real life, when you get to the end, they are worth the trip.

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  1. Paul said:

    I absolutely LOVE The Fart Party. Julia’s a riot! Never heard of My Doomed Affair, but I’ll definitely give it a shot.

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