• Don’t wait for permission

Creative people often work in industries with gate keepers. We write, create, draw, send it off and wait for our ‘big break’ to come.  And it MAY very well lead to success (I occasionally read about this happening), but more often than not it leads to disappointment.  We start to question our work (ourselves), we redo it, start over, create something new and send it back out again.  The process continues.

But I believe putting your fate in the hands of others is a dangerous way to live your life.

More and more people are realizing, myself included, that you don’t need permission to create.  With technology as cheap and accessible as it is, we have no excuse not to bring our ideas to life on our own, even if it’s on a large scale.  (To bring those super large ideas together, you just need to surround yourself with super talented people – I’ll post more about this later).

And here’s the real kicker: the less you ask for permission, the more access you’re granted.  Who doesn’t love a self-starter?  Not only that, but everyone in the world has ideas, but the person who takes those ideas and makes something out of them is a rare breed.  Its how you stand out from the pack.

What are you waiting for?


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