Rooney’s World – Awards & Reviews

Now that Rooney’s World is online and playing in festivals, we’re getting more and more positive feedback.  It’s such an encouraging thing to get reviews from people who aren’t friends or family, a great sense of accomplishment.  Really happy that it’s finding some kind of audience.

We also just won our first award!  Rooney’s World was voted People’s Choice for Best Short Film at AthFest Film Fest in Athens, GA this past weekend.  AthFest was our first film festival, so it was a big surprise to be coming home with an award, especially one voted on by the audience.

Here’s some of the positive reviews we’ve received so far:

Rooney’s World shines as a funny and family-friendly short film. It is one of the few films to actually make me laugh out loud. I know it is very hard to do comedy in a short film but the lighthearted comedic touches in this film are just enough to make it appealing.” – Film Festval Judge

Rooney’s World opens with a shot of a faded children’s TV show host (reminiscent of foxy Steve from Blue’s Clues) cheerlessly and messily cutting the crusts of a dismally soggy PB&J. What follows is a tale of fall from grace, reclaimed love and cartoon friendship — but trust me, it works. What works most is the host’s cartoon co-host, the titular Rooney, and his squeaky voice. It’s like the teacher from “Peanuts” but way cuter.” – Journalist

“A really cute film., it’s a well executed blend of live action and animation, and it’s a sweet story” – Writer / Film Festival Judge

“I like the script a lot. I like what it’s trying to say about life. Well-written and funny.”  – Actor / Writer / Director

“Took me totally by surprise.  Professional and weird and funny… all good things.”  – Television & Film Writer

“Great! Love the humor, the soul and the interesting questions the story raises.”  – Writer / Producer

“Funny, sincere and with a good dose of heart and goofiness.”  – Comic Book Writer / Filmmaker

“Wonderfully insane.” – Arts Center Owner

For those of you who haven’t seen the short yet, you can still catch it at or at Comic-Con on Friday, July 13th!


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