Splendora – Top 15 Uploaded Scripts on The Black List

SplendoraHeader Hey gang, been a while since I updated this.  So what have I been doing with my time?  Writing, of course!

Thought I’d tell you about my latest spec script…


Here’s the logline: For her 18th birthday, a sheltered teen just wants to kiss a boy. Instead, she gets supernatural powers, a kidnapped mom, five deadly sisters to battle, and the disturbing news that her dad is the Prince of Darkness.

The script was recently in the Top 15 Uploaded Scripts at The Black List and it’s enjoyed a lot of attention as a result.

What people have been saying:

“One of the best un-repped scripts I’ve ever read.”
– PDFScreenplays.com

“The script is a fun blend between action, fantasy, and comedy and has a very original premise.  A consistent string of comic and thrilling sequences, Splendora is a well-written script that isn’t too far from being production ready.”
– Blcklst.com

“[The] writing style is already industry standard.  Confident and strong.  Not too many Black List finalists give a reader this much old-timey rollicking good fun.”
– 10ptt.com

If you’re an agent, manager, producer, or executive and would like to give it a read, shoot me an email HERE.


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