There Are No Gates.


Erase “if only” from your vocabulary.  “If only” requires you to have something you don’t in order to get to do what you want to do.  It is usually followed by “I had more money” or “I had more time” or “I had more access.”  We’re gonna discuss that last one right now.


These magical people who hold the keys to our success.

First of all… THERE IS NO GATE.

If you want to write screenplays, write a screenplay.  If you want to make movies, walk outside right now with your phone.  If you want to make comics, grab a pen and paper.  How are the gate keepers keeping you from doing that?

The secret that none of the “successful” people tell you is that the joy of success comes from the creation, not the feedback.  And there’s only one of those two things you can control anyways.  So what’s stopping you from creating?  You don’t have to find “success” to find joy in it.

But let’s assume that for some reason creating isn’t enough for you.  And you want to find traditional success in your field.

The best strategy for storming the gates is COLLABORATION.

If you’re a screenwriter, write a great script and then find friends that are actors, directors, camera people, designers, hair/makeup and make a movie.  You’ve probably got all those in your Facebook friends and may not even know it.  Ask.  Put your dreams out there.  Be vulnerable.  You’ll be surprised.

  • Collaboration gives you a sounding board to challenge you.  You’re not perfect.  Listen.  Learn to take notes.  It will make your writing better.
  • It gives you experience working with others and dealing with egos.  You’re going to spend the rest of your career doing this anyway.
  • It gives you more opportunities as each of those people will go off on their own paths and find their own successes.  They’ll remember you down the line.
  • It gives you someone to share in rejection with.  The greatest source of comfort is knowing someone else is going through it.

And when you fail, you can pick yourself up, call your friends and start on the next one.  And the next one.  And so on.  Pretty soon the Gatekeepers will be begging you to come through the gates.

But by that point, you won’t need them.

  1. ‘Collaboration’ is one of the best words I’ve learned all year. Not many people want to give me something, or take time out of their lives to help me, but we all are interested in collaborating! It’s sooo mutually beneficial!

    • So true. It’s a dangerous place to be where you need something from others but have nothing to offer them in return. So many opportunities arise from helping each other out. And working with others is a great motivator for getting stuff done!

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