The Importance of Walking Like a Baby

Is this that movie about babies that are geniuses?

“Is this that movie about babies that are geniuses?”

I have to constantly remind myself the importance of baby steps.

I get easily overwhelmed by my ever growing to-do list.  My brain can’t comprehend more than like three things at a time.  (Okay, maybe it’s more like one thing at a time.)

If I think too much, I drive myself crazy and get nothing done.

So, I make a list.  But this can be equally daunting.  (HOW DID I END UP WITH 48 THINGS TO DO?)

The goal, at first, is just to FEEL productive.  So I start with the easiest one:  “Go to the bank.”  Easy enough.  Five minutes later and I’m already getting stuff done!

And as you start to feel productive, it gets easier to jump into the next one.  You’re addicted to the sense of accomplishment.  You’re on a roll!

Also, you can’t expect a baby to leap over the grand canyon.  So make the baby steps small.

GOOD EXAMPLE: Outline a scene.

BAD EXAMPLE: Write a first draft.

If you can’t accomplish it in less than an hour, break it down into smaller bite-size pieces.

Think you can’t write a script this way?  Check out The Coffee Break Screenwriter by Pilar Allesandra. Brilliant book.  Teaches you how to write an entire script in 10-minute increments.  It could be called “The Baby’s Guide to Writing a Screenplay.”  If, you know, the baby was a genius.

What about you?  Got any tips for getting through your to-do lists?


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