Go Into the Story


Scott Myers posted my thoughts on low-budget screenwriting on his Black List hosted blog, Go Into The Story a few weeks ago. You can find it HERE.

  1. Nice work! Another filmmaker friend of mine writes for “the Black List”, so I know how well respected it is. Also congratulations on the feature. The only thing I would add, would be to emphasis the point of treating everyone with respect. And possibly help others with their low-budget efforts. Thanks to all the little low-budget shorts I’ve worked on, I’d ammased a whole army of favours that I cashed out on in my short WW2 film. Yes, I did a period film… it came in at around the same price as your film (only a little higher), but we saved a lot of money thanks to finding the right location (a Buddhist convent). So, it is possible to make a low-budget period film. But, man is it difficult!

    • Thanks Hamish! Completely agree with you about treating others with respect. This goes a long way not just in terms of career but as a human being. Love that you made a period short! Sounds awesome.

      • I learned that lesson the hard way. Was a bit of a diva in an earlier career as a Drag Act. I didn’t treat one of the bartenders/jack-of-all-trades very well one week, and the next week he was my boss, so he promptly fired me. I try my best to treat everyone like my future boss these days! Also, considering shoots often are around the 14 hour/day mark, you really want to be with people whose company you enjoy. I’m so glad that you are working with the same team as Rooney’s World. It’s amazing all the little filmmaking families we create.

        If you are interested in the film, I just posted some colour-corrected stills on my blog. It’s taken about two years, but we are *almost* done. Never in a million years did I think it would take this long.

      • Thanks mate! If you want to check it out… we just finished the trailer!

        hope that you like it :)

      • Thank you so much :)

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