Hudson Phillips is the writer /producer of the short film Rooney’s World.  He co-wrote the script for Church League, which was optioned by Lions Gate Films and produced in the Spring of 2011 by Art Within Productions under the title Crackerjack.  His web-comic All These Days Undone was published on  His blog,, received over 25,000 views in 2011 and he was invited to speak on storytelling at the Adventures in Missions Media Training Seminar.

He lives in an affordable 2-bedroom apartment in Roswell, GA with his son, Julien, and cat, Tuck.  He can probably be reached at

  1. I just read your article “Saving the Comic Book Industry”. Its great. Unfortunetly, most guys that own comic book stores do not want to begin franchises, they only wish to work like dogs at their beloved primero locale.
    When I was working at a comic book store, I asked one of the owners why he did not want to change his strategies to make more money. Going to venture capitalist instead of bumming cash off of his friends, not in exchange for ownership, money that had to be returned.
    He said that he would look into other means of “raising capital” which was total BS.
    Now, my sister’s fiancee wants to open up his own comic book shop. Since I have not been brought into his team, I just asked him some questions. What’s the stores mission/mantra?
    (How will it differ from other stores)
    What is the plan? To open multiple locations? franchises? or just one store? What do you think he said? That’s right, one store.
    The problem with the industry is that the guys that open up these stores do not care to improve the industry, to grow their companies to popularize the culture, they want to have their own little coccoon and stay there for a while.
    I thought that they wanted to serve fans what they want, why not a larger audience?
    It sucks.
    But don’t worry, I may take a crack at starting a comic book franchise myself. I mean, why not?

  2. I do think that a comic book franchise could really help change the face of comics and change the industry forever. the problem is, it would take a lot of money to make that happen, and let’s be honest… there’s not much money to be made in comics.

    I had the idea of trying to do this with minimal upfront money recently, where you partner with current stores, not to “buy them out,” but to help them re-brand their stores, so that there is a “united front” among all comics book stores.

    But the problem is just like you said, comic book owners want their own little dungeon to do whatever they want to with it. Because there’s not much money to be made there’s a lot more of that pride of ownership, good or bad.

    The industry is growing though, so maybe a fanchise idea is right around the corner. If it doesn’t happen soon, I’m afraid the LCS’s are not going to survive another generation.

  3. so…. you said you write screenplays and stuff.. you did not mention the comic book part! made you 100% awesomer

  4. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My website is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Cheers!

  5. MisterHessu said:

    Hello again, Hudson! I noticed you followed the blog of my project, Ultimate DC. Well, actually I noticed it a while ago and that’s how I found your blog, haha. I’d like to ask you what do you think of the project so far? What are your first impressions? I know we don’t have much material yet, but we are working on the project daily. We are honored to see that a successful writer is interested in our project! I was also thinking would you maybe want to look at some of our stuff like our pitches for different characters? I’m working closely with the other lead developer, Nimibro, who’s based in Israel. The project was originally his idea, he came up with it and presented it to me and now it has existed for almost a year. We have built a small team which has two artists now and we have some other people who might contribute as well. We are just trying our best as we are all really excited about this project. If you could give as some input on the writing side, it would be awesome.

      • MisterHessu said:

        Alright, great! I’ll message you soon.

  6. “I’ve also been known to mentor young writers…”

    What about old writers? :-)

    • Cheri – Ha! Only if the old writer thinks I’d have something to add! Luckily, mentorships usually go both ways. There’s something to learn from everyone.

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